Arbitration – Mediation

Arbitration and mediation, alternative dispute resolution methods, are solutions often preferred by companies in the business world. Mediation makes it possible to resolve differences in a discreet and peaceful way, achieving an amicable and cost-effective settlement.

Arbitration makes it possible to entrust the dispute to experienced lawyers under conditions of confidentiality and speed suited to businesses.

Herald’s lawyers act both as counsel to the parties and as arbitrators, presidents of arbitration tribunals and as mediators.

Our lawyers are well known participants in arbitration tribunals, both national and international, ad hoc or subject to specific institutional rules (ICC, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, AFA, CMAP, CEFAREA).

Our international arbitration team has been recognised by Leaders League 2019.


  • Jean Castelain


  • Bruno Quint


  • Bertrand PĂ©brier