Herald, business law firm

With over 40 lawyers including 15 partners, we offer our clients – companies, public bodies, entrepreneurs – the entire spectrum of expertise necessary in the business world.



Herald, business law firm


Herald is a business law firm based in Paris. We offer our clients cutting-edge legal expertise in all areas of law, in both consulting and litigation

We strive to provide a high-end, bespoke and integrated service to address the most complex issues facing our clients, from SMEs to large groups. We work both in France and internationally, thanks to our different networks.

Our firm is part of the GGI International network and a founding member of the French network Etelio.

Our quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008.


GGI – Global Alliance



As a member of the GGI Global Alliance network, a global alliance of law, audit and accounting firms, we aim to offer our clients a cross-disciplinary and international service.

As the only multidisciplinary French law firm in the alliance, we offer our clients international legal expertise combined with local roots, provided by trusted partners.




Etelio, created in 2015, is a French network of independent law firms. Its six members, comprising over 150 lawyers, are based in the country’s main economic centres: Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille and Lyon.

A firm founded on January 1, 1957 by Bernard de Bigault du Granrut

President of the Paris Bar from 1982 to 1984, Bernard du Granrut was known both for his dedication and his forward-looking vision of the profession as well as for his civic commitments, his high standards and his moral values. He was a celebrated litigator, acting in several high-profile cases.

The firm has built its reputation in the field of business litigation for both private companies and public institutions. It has continued its evolution by developing its consulting activity, mirroring the transformation of the business world, both in its legal and entrepreneurial dimensions.

To serve our clients better, we have expanded and strengthened some departments (M&A, private equity, restructuring, new technology law, healthcare). We have joined top ten multi-disciplinary alliance Geneva Group International to ensure that when needed, we can connect our clients with trusted advisers around the world.

Herald, a new challenge

In November 2018, the firm became Herald, thus taking a strong stance: to enhance the value of the collective, while maintaining its historical positioning.
Herald is a symbol of the heritage that has shaped the firm and of its ability to constantly evolve in order to offer a range of high-end, tailor-made and transversal services in all areas of business law.
Expertise, excellence, commitment, attentiveness, creativity: these are the values shared by all the partners and their teams with one goal in mind: outstanding client service.


German Desk

The bicultural team of our German Desk is recognized for its expertise, which is the result of a thorough knowledge of the economic environment in German-speaking countries. Led by Christian Klein, a member of both the Frankfurt and the Paris Bars, the German Desk supports our German-speaking clients in their projects in France, in conjunction with the firm’s specialized divisions.
He is particularly experienced in:
– company law, in the context of the creation, acquisition, sale or restructuring of a company;
– distribution law and commercial contract law;
– employment law (individual and collective)

Herald, member of the Geneva Group International network

In 2018, our firm joined Geneva Group International, a global alliance of more than 700 independent law firms, consultants, audit and accounting firms, which is consistently ranked among the top ten global multi-disciplinary associations.

Through this network, we enable our clients to benefit from the support of professionals from over 120 countries, experts in local legal, accounting and tax differences, who provide a gateway to global markets. This relationship enhances our abilities to serve our French and international clients, both private and public sector, whether looking for new opportunities or strengthening an existing presence.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Aware of the impact of any company on society, Herald has decided to invest in CSR by creating a dedicated committee which considers matters which affect our firm internally as well as social and environmental issues, and gives direction to our strategy.

At the end of 2016, in order to respond in the most comprehensive way to the challenges of social engagement, we decided to commit to pro bono work focusing on two themes: the struggle against exclusion and the promotion of equal opportunity.

We are working with two leaders in these fields: Samu Social de Paris and Télémaque.


Herald and the SamuSocial de Paris

SamuSocial de Paris Partenariat Herald

SamuSocial is a municipal humanitarian service assisting the most vulnerable people in Île de France and has a professional approach to the fight against exclusion. It aims to provide assistance to homeless people at all times, day and night, and to find the most appropriate responses to their situations.

Our firm partners with SamuSocial by offering free legal advice to families supported by the organization. We also provide legal support for the organization itself in all areas of law.


Herald and Télémaque


Télémaque is an association created in 2005 to help motivated students from disadvantaged backgrounds through “school-business” sponsorships. Its program supports these students (from 7th grade to 12th grade) by providing a tutor in a company and an educational tutor. Our teams work with the Institut Télémaque by sponsoring teenagers and providing them with regular extracurricular follow-up.