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New opposition procedure against applications for French trademark registrations and change of scale pertaining to taxes to be paid in case of opposition, filing and renewal of French trademark registrations.

Decree 2019-1316 of December 9, 2019 relating to “goods or services trademarks” and decree of the same day relating to “taxes pertaining to procedures before the National Institute of Industrial Property” taken in application of Ordinance n ° 2019-1169 of November 13, 2019  came into force on December 11, 2019. Two decisions of the General Director of INPI dated December 11, 2019 supplement the above-mentioned texts.

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E-commerce is no longer a separate market

In a decision of 17 April 2019, the French Competition Authority considered that online sales exert such competitive pressure on in-store sales that both distribution channels must now be considered part of the same market.

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Data : a contract cannot justify everything!

According to Article 6 of the GDPR, one of the legal bases of a data processing, i.e. what makes it lawful, may be the performance of a contract to which the person whose data are processed is a party.

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