Granrut joins the “Geneva Group International” network

PARIS, October 25th, 2018 – Granrut joins the Geneva Group International (GGI) network, a worldwide alliance of law firms, auditors, tax advisers and consultants, enabling it to offer clients a service which is both international and multi-disciplinary.

Geneva Group International brings together 584 members in 124 countries, chosen for their excellence and united by shared values: integrity, independence, respect and passion.
Since January 2018, Granrut has made significant steps towards developing an international footprint. This began with the firm’s appointment to work in partnership with Paris Régions Entreprises, the agency in charge of promoting the Paris region internationally, as a recognised adviser to potential foreign investors.

In joining GGI, Granrut becomes the alliance’s only multi-disciplinary French law firm, able to offer its clients both international legal expertise and a strong local presence, provided by lawyers who inspire confidence.

Olivier Binder, partner, says, “Joining GGI is the first of many projects we have for our firm. We are delighted to join this multi-disciplinary alliance which will enable us to meet many professionals, to share our vision for our business and to offer an ever-improving premium service to our clients.”