Banking – Finance

Our teams bring their experience and creativity to serve our clients, including credit institutions, insurance companies, debt and investment funds, other financial institutions, non-financial companies and groups, and sovereign states. We specialize in banking, financial, and insurance law and regulations.

Our department has a recognized expertise in understanding and mastering the legal and operational aspects of regulated financial institutions and activities, as well as the ecosystem and practices in which financial operations unfold.

We support our clients in more than 145 foreign jurisdictions with the assistance of partner law firms and possess strong expertise in cross-border transactions.

Our global offer is structured around 2 main sectors, in advisory matters:

– Financing and financial engineering

– Banking and financial regulation

and in judicial and disciplinary litigation matters

Financing and financial engineering

– A deep expertise across a broad range of financing transactions, including bilateral or syndicated structured financing (asset-backed and securitization), acquisition financing with or without leverage, corporate financing, equity financing, bond issuances, asset-backed financing, equity financing, leasing, fund financing, project financing, and public-private partnerships in the fields of energy, transportation, and telecommunications, trade financing and export credit, and real estate financing.

– Structuring and negotiation of term sheets, step plans, establishment of conventional or fiduciary security documents, agreements among creditors, and risk coverage documents.

– Implementation of financial transactions or often complex structures requiring expertise in specialized regulations, including derivatives instruments and financing transactions involving securities.

Banking and financial regulation

– Advising and assisting our clients in their relations with the regulators

– Providing advise and assistance to clients in internal control, risk management, risk mapping, governance, compliance, anti-money laundering, and counter-terrorism financing, including drafting internal procedures, Know Your Customer (KYC) audits, and regulations applicable to our professional clients, both in France and abroad.

– Drafting/adapting contractual documents.

– Assisting clients in the drafting and negotiation of contracts with their suppliers.

– Assisting and advising clients in the structuring and distribution of banking, insurance, or financial instruments for institutional or non-professional investors, covering client prospecting, product marketing, specialized credit, payment instruments, online banking, and financial services, as well as UCITS and AIFs (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities and Alternative Investment Funds).

– Pre-litigation and litigation activities, including judicial, regulatory, and disciplinary matters.


  • Christophe Jacomin


  • Marianne Maurin


  • Hélène Tazé