Commercial litigation

An organization must always ensure that its commercial interests are respected in order to improve its competitive positioning. It must also react to challenges: non-performance of its partners’ contractual obligations; non-payment of its receivables; unfair competitive practices; and even, sometimes, disputes between partners.

Whether a conflict can be amicably resolved or settled, or if a trial is necessary, companies need the support of experienced professionals with in-depth sector knowledge. Herald prides itself on supporting our clients with a team of consultants who understand the issues and risks and can advise on the right strategy.

You will always find our team to be responsive, while respecting the budget allocated according to the issue at stake in the dispute.

Our commercial litigation department handles cases for both private and public companies, national and international groups, and individual clients.

Herald advises on issues including:
Dispute resolution in conflicted commercial relations
Conclusion, execution and termination of commercial contracts
Disruption of talks
Termination of established business relationships
Contractual and civil liability
Specific professional responsibility (regulated professions, promoters, builders)
Directors’ liability
Conflict between partners
Post-acquisition conflict of companies or assets


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  • Bruno Quint


  • Étienne Rocher