Property rights

Property rights and family law concerns each of us. It requires not only specific technical skills, but also the ability to listen and understand the needs of each individual.

Our firm provides you with an experienced team of lawyers to advise and defend you throughout your life, particularly in the following areas:

 Estate: from preparation for succession planning, to legal actions in partition, end of joint tenancy and dissolution of property investment companies (SCIs);
 Marriage and separation: divorce (mutual consent and litigation), setting the terms and conditions for visits and accommodation of children, change of matrimonial regime;
 Incapacity: guardianship, power of attorney;
 Filiation: simple and full adoption, acknowledgement of filiation.

Our firm can offer the support of other lawyers in our firm specializing in tax, insurance and corporate law. In this regard, all of our clients’ difficulties can be resolved as quickly as possible and in a single location.

We also work closely with several notarial offices.

When necessary, we can also assist our clients in the rest of France thanks to the Etelio network, present in the main French cities, enhancing efficient client service by being as close as possible to the magistrates. Through our membership of GGI, we are also able to ensure our clients have the same high standard of service abroad.


  • Stéphane Micheli