Employment law

Our team of experts can provide advice in all fields of employment law, including social protection and employee savings plans. We can also represent you in any litigation.

Business and its human relations are in the process of being transformed to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Our team can support you, in addition to legal security and risk anticipation, by providing you with strategic and operational HR advice.

For start-ups and innovative companies, SMEs, French and international groups and foreign investors, we help to manage business and cultural challenges by providing our clients with advice which is personalized and tailored to their needs.

We can help with:

The life and development of employment contracts (hiring, contract changes,disciplinary provisions, contract termination);
Set up, transformation and management of your staff representative bodies;
Collective bargaining;
Audit and management of the social and collective consequences of the company’s transformation (transfer, merger, sale, acquisition, carve-out);
Reorganization and restructuring (individual and collective dismissal, voluntary redundancy plans);
International mobility;
Salary and employee savings plans.
“Prévoyance” (Life insurance policies for staff and management);
Health and safety at work;
Individual and collective litigation.


  • Guillaume Roland


  • Stéphanie Petit


  • Julie Pleuvret


  • Sandrine Rousseau


  • Ondine Juillet


  • Hugo Tanguy